Dobbs, Farrell

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Smith; Barr;
1907 - 1983
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Aspects of Socialist Election Policy Mar. 1971
Birth of the Communist Movement, 1918-1922 1983
[Cannon, James P.] James P. Cannon As We Knew Him 1976
Comment vaincre le fascisme ? Recueil de textes 1990
Cosmetics, Fashions, and the Exploitation of Women 1986
Counter-Mobilization. A Strategy to Fight Racist and Fascist Attacks May 1976
Discussions entre Léon Trotsky et les dirigeants du Socialist Workers Party 1970 (1939-40)
From Mississippi to Boston: The Demand for Troops to Enforce Civil Rights Jan. 1975
Marxism vs. Ultraleftism: The Record of Healy's Break with Trotskyism Jan. 1974
Part 1: Marx' and Engels' Struggle For an International Socialist Movement NA
Part 2: The Russian Revolution 1972-1983
Recent Trends in the Labor Movement 1967
[Reuther, Walter] A Political Biography of Walter Reuther. The Record of an Opportunist 1987
Revolutionary Strategy in the Fight Against the Vietnam War April 1975
Teamster Bureaucracy 1977
Teamster Politics 1973
Teamster Power 1973
Teamster Rebellion 1972
The Early Years, 1848 - 1917 1980
The Fight Against Fascism in the USA. Forty Years of Struggle Described by Participants c. 1975
The Founding of the Socialist Workers Party. Minutes and Resolutions 1938-39 1982
The Structure and Organizational Principles of the Party June 1971
On the Trade Unions 1969
Towards a History of the Fourth International, Bound Volume I 1973 - 1975
Towards a History of the Fourth International, Bound Volume II 1977 - 1978
[Trotsky, Lev Davidovich] Leon Trotsky. The Man and His Work. Reminiscences and Appraisals 1969-11-07
US Trotskyism 1928 - 1965. Part III, Vol 4.   ... 2019
US Trotskyism 1928 - 1965. Part II, Vol 3.   ... 2019
Vol. 1:  The fight against Pabloism in the Fourth International 1974
Vol. 2: The split in the Fourth International 1974
Vol. 4:  The International Committee against liquidationism 1974
Why We Are In Prison.   ... 1944