Vol. 1:  The fight against Pabloism in the Fourth International

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III World capitalism, capitalist society and the left movements; socialist movements in general | J Workers´ movement, left movement, socialist movement | B Fourth International
Parent Collections
1 The Fourth International and its History
Resolution of the International Committee instructing publication of the documents (August 24, 1973)
Perspectives resolution of the International Committee fourth conference (1972)
2 The Third World Congress
Contribution to the discussion on International Perspectives by the Political Committee of the SWP (June 5, 1951)
Bleibtreu and Favre: Where is Pablo going (June 1951)
3 The Struggle in the French Section
Letters from Renard and Cannon
The struggle of the French Trotskyists against Pablo (October 1953)
4 The Fight against Pabloism is engaged
Letters from Gordon, Healy and Cannon (1953)
5 The Socialist workers Party and the 1953 split
Letter from Novack to Healy (August 2, 1953)
Novack: Report given to the majority caucus of the New York local (August 3, 1953)
Stein: Some remarks on The rise and falol of stalinism (August 23, 1953)
Novack: Talk given to the New York majority caucus: Clarke's views on Stalinism  (August 17, 1953)
SWP National Committee: Memorandum on The rise and decline of stalinism (October 5, 1953)
Roberts: Statement to the Seattle branch of the SWP (July 23 1953)
Flint: Report from Seattle to the majority caucus (September 7, 1953)
6 Unity against Pabloite revisionism
Letters from Gordon, Healy, Cannon, Breitman and Dobbs (1953)
Report from Britain for the SWP National Committee majority (September 1953)
Healy: Statement on The Rise and Fall of Stalinism (October 6, 1953)
Agreements reached at London meeting (October 3-4, 1953)
Resolution of the 25th Anniversary Plenum of the SWP (November 7-8, 1953)
7 The Forming of the International Committee
SWP: A (Open) Letter to Trotskyists throughout the world (November 16, 1953)
English, French, New Zealand and Swiss sections: Resolution forming the International Committee (November 23, 1953)
The French Trotskyists: The successive stages of Pabloite revisionism (October 1953)
The Militant: Editorial Fourth International rallies against Pablo (December 21, 1953)
Dobbs: Letter to co-thinkers in England and France (December 3, 1953)
Appendix: Documents of the International Secretariat
Letters from the IS, Bureau of the IS and Pablo
Resolution of the Cochranite minority of the SWP Political Committee (November 3, 1953)
Cochran, Clarke and Bartell: Statement on the spklit in teh SWP (November 11, 1953)
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