J Workers´ movement, left movement, socialist movement

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Works on the political international workers' movement: Socialism, social-democracy, communism, anarchism. This depends on self-identification. In this group fits any movement that defines itself as part of the international workers', left wing or socialist movement: Documents and congresses of these organisations and also biographies, obituaries, diaries and memoirs of prominent members. These include works of the type "Fidel and Religion" and the discussions of ideas peculiar to the person concerned. Biographies and obituaries are identified using the name of the subject, not the author. For example "The Prophet Armed" comes under III J TRO, not under III J DEU. Biographies of trotskyists come under III J B. The workers' movement and those belonging to it, are very broadly defined. Therefore some unsavoury individuals that we would not like to be associated with, are still included in this group. Pol Pot comes to mind. Undisputed bourgeois and petty bourgois go in III E. You may find similar works in the regions and countries section for more nationally oriented movements or for local issues.