The Founding of the Socialist Workers Party. Minutes and Resolutions 1938-39

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III World capitalism, capitalist society and the left movements; socialist movements in general | J Workers´ movement, left movement, socialist movement | B Fourth International
Breitman: Editor
Part I Introductions, Now and Then
Breitman: Answers to questions
Editors of the "New International": The convention of the new party
Cannon: The new party is founded
Cannon: A letter to the international secretariat
Part II Minutes, first national convention (1937-1938 Chicago)
Dobbs: Report of the Trade Union Commission
Preis: Report of the Unemployment Commission
Statements by Carl Pemble, Melos Most, Emil Revyuk and Paul Zimmerman
Part III Chicago Convention Resulutions
- The political situation and the tasks of the party
- Thre trade union movement and the Socialist Workers Party
- Resolution on the Soviet Union
Burnham and Carter: - Amendment to the resolution on the Soviet Union
Glee et al.: - Resolution on the Russian Question
- Resolution on Spain
- The internal situation and the character of the party
Burnham, Carter and Draper: - The internal situation and the character of the party (minority resolution)
- The present war in the Far East and the tasks of the party
- Constitution of the Socialist Workers Party
- Declaration of principles
Part IV Minutes, SWP National Committee Plenum (New York, april 1938)
- On the Ludlow amendment
- The decline of American capitalism and the revolutionary transitional program for the next period
- The problem of the labor party
- Theses on the Jewish question
- Let refugees into the United States! Open the doors to victims of Hitlers nazi terror!
Part V: Minutes, SWP National Committee Plenum (New York, november 1938)
- Trade union resolution
- Report on amendments to resolutions acted upon by party referendum
- Resolution on twice-weekly "Socialist Appeal"
- Resolution on organization of party work
- Resolution on world conference of Fourth International
- Resolution on the youth
- Resolution on the SWP and the youth
- Resolution on defense work
- Unemployed reslolution
- Yankee imperialism at Lima
Part VI Minutes, second national convention (1939 New York)
- Information about the delegates
- a partial list of delegetes' names
Part VII New York Convention Resulutions
- Poltitical resolution
- Resolution on workers' defense guard
- The right of self-determination and the negro in the United States of North America
- The SWP and negro work
McKinney: - Resolution on organisation of the unemployed
Preis: - Resolution on unemployed work
- Resolution on work in trade unions
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