Fifty Years of World Revolution (1917 - 1967). An International Symposium

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Merit Publishers
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Date of Publication
1969 (1968)
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III World capitalism, capitalist society and the left movements; socialist movements in general | J Workers´ movement, left movement, socialist movement | B Fourth International
Mandel- Introduction
Vitale- Predictions of the Founders of Marxism on the Development of World Revolution
Maitan- The Theory of Permanent Revolution
Di Giuliomaria- Three Phases of the Russian Revolution\
Dowson- The Rise and Fall of the Third International
Jungclas- The Tragedy of the German Proletariat
Moreno- The Chinese and Indochinese Revolutions
González Moscoco- The Cuban Revolution and its Lessons
Breitman- The National Question and the Black Liberation Struggle in the United States
Kolpe- Is there a Third Way for the Third World?
Novack- The Uneven development of the World revolutionary Process
Charlier- The roots of Bureaucracy and Ways to Fight It
Mandel- Economics of the Transition period
Hansen- Is marxism-Leninism Obsolete?
Frank- Necessity and Objective Roots of Proletarian Internationalism
Cannon- The Vanguard Party and the World Revolution
Mandel- The Intelligent Revolutionary's Guide to Marxism, in a Hundred Volumes
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