The Global Fight for Climate Justice.   ...

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...  Anticapitalist Responses to Global Warming and Environmental Destruction.
Johnson:  Red and Green
Wall:  Foreword
Angus:  Introduction
--  Climate Emergency
Castro:  Tomorrow Will Be Too Late
Climate & Capitalism:  Some Impacts of Global Warming
Climate & Capitalism:  It's Happening Now
Oxfam:  Climate Wrongs and Human Rights
Angus:  If Socialism Fails:  The Spectre of 21ste Century Barbarism
--  Starving the Poor
Angus:  World Hunger, Agribusiness, Food sovereignity
Machado:  The Food Crisis is Systematic and Structural
La Via Campesino:  Peasants and Small farmers Can Feed the World
Nyéléni Food Sovereignty Forum:  Our Heritage as Food Producers is Critical to the Future of Humanity
Castro:  The Rich Do Not Know Hunger
--  False Explanations, False Solutions
Butler:  Too Many People?
Angus:  The Myth of the Tragedy of the Commons
Colson:  Magic Bullet #1:  The Ethanol Scam
Angus:  Magic Bullet #2:  Carbon Capture and Storage
Foster:  A New War on the Planet?
--  The Green capitalism Fantasy
Kovel:  The failures of Green Economics
Travis: Sustainable Capitalism?
Thompson:  The Limits of Green Keynesianism
Townsend:  Capitalism's Anri-ecology Treadmill
--  Privatizing The Atmosphere
Durban Group:  Durban Declaration on Carbon Trading
Williams:  Cap and Trade Scemes
Smith:  The Obscenity of Carbon Trading
Simms:  Why Carbon Markets Can't Save The World
Lohmann:  Six Arguments Against Carbon Trading
--  Voices From the Global South
Morales:  Respect Mother Earth!
A New Era Is Beginning (Cochabamba Statement)
We Demand Full and Effective Participation (Bali Statement)
Mother Earth Is In Crisis (Anchorage Statement)
CJN!:  Two Statements
ALBA:  Statement At The 2009 Americas Summit
Bolivia:  The Rich Nations Must Pay Their Ecological Debt
Blanco:  To Save Humanity We Must Return To Our Roots
--  Building A Climate Emergency Movement
Bond:  Only Political Activism and Class Struggle can Save The Planet
Petermann and Langelle:  Crisis, Challenge and Mass Action
Emanuel:  How Can We Build an Effective Movement?
Green Left Weekly:  Workers and Climate Change
Socialist Resistance:  The Three Decisive Social Forces that Can Stop Climate Change
Kearns:  Climate Change Is A Trade Union Issue
Mac Uaid:  Class Struggle and Ecology
--  Ecosocialist Responses to Capitalist Ecocide
Angus:  Making the Greens Redder and the Reds Greener
Angus:  For a Society of Good Ancestors
Socialist Alliance:  Climate Change Charter
Ecosocialist International Netwotk:  The Belem Ecosocialist Declaration
Tanuto and FI:  Climate Crisis: 21st Century Socialists Must Be Ecosocialists
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