Revolutionary Principles and Working-Class Democracy

Fourth Internationalist Tendency
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II Regions and countries | F North America | us 01 United States
Le Blanc:  Editor
Le Blanc:  Introduction. Leninism in the United States and the Decline of the Socialist Workers Party
Cannon and Shachtman:  The Internal Situation and the Character of the Party
George Breitman and Wald:  On the history of Trotskyism in the United States
Le Blanc:  Snapshots of American Trotskyism
I The Cannon Tradition:  "Don´t Strangle the Party!"
George Breitman:  Introduction
II Overview
USec (United Secretariat Bureau, Fourth International):  Introduction
USec:  Chronology of Events, 1981 - 1984
Seigle:  Report to SWP NC  Defending Our Organizational Principles (1982)
Usec:  Resolution on the attempt of 18 SWP comrades to from a tendency for the discussion in the International  (1982)
Jones and Segur on behalf of the USec: Letter to the SWP nPolitical Committee on the "18". (1982)
Usec:  Resolution on the suspension of the four NC minority members and related expulsions (1983)
Smith:  Statement of the United Secretariat Representative upon being excluded from the SWP NC Plenum (1983)
Recently suspended and expelled members of the SWP:  Open letter to members of the Socialist Workers Party (extracts, 1983)
The expulsion of Max Geldman (1983-1984)
SWP Political Bureau:  End of the Split Operation Against the Party (1984)
USec: Resolution on "Report on the November 1983 Plenum of the SWP and Report on the Constitution of Socialist Action (SWP)"
Bloom: Reply to the SWP Political Bureau  "Who is responsible for the split in the party"
III The Purge Begins
Mensche:  Poem and letter
Smith:  Appeal of expulsion
Feeley and Seligman:  Letter to SWP members
Le Blanc,  Trial statement (1983)
Lippmann: Letter
Lippmann:  Statement to the Califormia State Committee of the SWP (1983)
Markey: Letter of resignation
IV Expulsion of National Committee Members
Bloom, Henderson, Lovell and Weinstein:  Sound the alarm!
19 members of the USec:  Declaration (1983)
V The case of the legless veteran
Kutcher:  Appeal of expulsion\
Langston:  Letter
James Kutcher at his fiftieth birthday. Interview with an SWP founding member
Lovell:  James Kutcher (1912-1989):  The man who never gave up
VI The California and Minnesota Purges
Sell:  What happened at the California SWP State Convention?
Manuel:  SWP form letter to california expellees
Seven expelled comrades:  Concerning our expulsion
Onasch:  Letter
Frank Onasch: Letter
Riehle: Letter
VII Four Comrades
George Breitman: Appeal of expulsion
Tussey: My appeal for reinstatement
Weissman: Appeal of expulsion
In Defense of Marxism: George Lavan Weissman (1916 - 85):  49 years of struggle for socialism
Stewart: Apeal of expulsion
Stewart: An open letter to Mel Mason
Stewart: Appeal to the World Congress
Stewart: Permanent Revolution and Black Liberation in the USA
Stewart: Black Liberation and the Comintern in Lenin's Time
In Defense of Marxism: Larry Stewart - Proletarian Fighter for 45 Yeras
Bias: In Tribute to a Great Socialist Educator
VIII The Fourth Internationalist Tendency
Allen, George Breitman and Saunders:  Reintroduction of Call for Fourth Internationalist Tendency
Dorothea Breitman: The SWP's New Policy of Exclusion
Barrett: An Appeal to Former Members of the SWP
IX Evaluations
George Breitman: A Far Cry From the Bolsheviks
Sell: The Radicalization and the Socialist Workers Party
Le Blanc:  Reflections on the Socialist Workers party in the U.S. (1989)
Barnes: The Organizational Norms of a Proletarian Party: Report Adopted by National Committee (March 1982)
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