The Palestinian National Liberation Struggle and the PLO.  Two Political Lines in the Fourth International

Primary author
SWP, International Internal Information Bulletin,
Place of Publication
Date of Publication
Dec. 1982
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Intl. Internal Information Bulletin, no. 3 in 1982
II Regions and countries | B West Asia (Middle East) | ps 14 Palestine
Clark: Introduction
Frankel: Marxist view of Mideast conflict and PLO. Fifteen years of strugglee for Palestinian national liberation
Two translations of the same joint statement:
a) LCR (France), LCR (Italy) and SWP: Against imperialist intervention
b) LCR (France), GCR and SWP: Imperialist "peacekeeping" force no protection for Palestinians
Jaquith and Jenness: SWP's view of Palestinian withdrawal from Beirut (reaction to version b)
LCR (France) and LCR (Italy): Position of French LCR and Italian LCR
Jaquith and Jenness: Reply by Cindy Jaquith and Doug Jenness
RCG: June 29, 1982, Declaration of the Revolutionary Communist Group of Lebanon
Barnes, Clark, Jaquith, Jenness, Miah, Sheppard and Waters: July 24, 1982, Letter from the Seven Fraternal SWP Observers on the United Secretariat to the United Secretariat Bureau
Clelia (USec FI): December 1980 Letter from the United Secretariat Bureau to the Revolutionary Communist League of Israel
Frankel: Why "Peacekeepers" will not bring peace. Imperialists deal big blows, but pay heavy price
Frankel: Reagan pressures PLO and Arab regimes for concessions
Maitan: Increasing stakes and dangers in the siege of Beirut
RCG: To all who refuse to capitulate
RCG: Open Letter to the Lebanese fighting organisations
Bensaid: The Zionists' crimes and the Palestinians' isolation
IVP: The massacre of Palestinians at Sabra and Chatila
Foley: Interview with Salah Jaber: Lebanon after the PLO withdrawal
FI: The war in Lebanon - A turn in the Middle East situation
Hearse: No US-Israeli "Peace"
Kaplan: Counterrevolution in Lebanon
Kelly and O'Brien: "Romantic"
Meteyard: Should PLO have stayed in Beirut? "Nonsense"
Williams and Palser: Outrageeous statement
TUC: Time to change course
Hearse: Lebanon debare: "Not just a military decision"
Kaplan: "A major set-back"
Hearse: "Peace" plans betray Palestinian people
O'Callaghan: Israel not achieved aims
Khamis: PLO strategy wrong
"This IIDB is a record of the political debate as it has unfolded, especially in tha pages of the press of the fourth international and some of its sections and sympathizing organizations. It provides a representative selection of major articles, editorials, polemics, documents, and political correspondence."
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