[Constantino, Renato] Partisan Scholarship. Essays in Honour of Renato Constantino

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Journal of Contemporary Asia Publishers
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II Regions and countries | C Central, East and South Asia | 99 Central, East and South Asia; General
- Limqueco: Preface
- Pineda-Ofreno: Renato Constantino; Biographical Sketch, Ideological Profile
- Petras: Reform, Revolution and Reaction in the Modern World
- Kolko: Varieties of Third World Elites: A Framework for Analysis
- Meszaros: How Could the State Wither Away?
- Bagchi: Capitalism, Uneven Development and the Foundation of National Liberation
- McFarlane: The Crisis of Development Theory
- Jakšić: Centre and Perifery: Economic and Political Levels of Analysis
- Gordon: Economic History versus "Agricultural Involution": Towards a Usable Past for Southeast Asia
- Husin Ali: Modernization and National Cultural Identity: With Special Reference to Southeast Asia
- Chandra: Colonialism: Some Aspects
- Gardezi: The Third Path of Islam: Compromise with Imperialism
- Sobhan: Dependent Capitalism in Bangladesh: Crisis and Contradiction
- Sundaram: A Nationalist Alterantive for Malaysia?
- Saravanamuttu: Authoritarian Statiam and Strategies for Democratisation: Malaysia in the 1980s
- Hewison: The Development of Industrial Capital and its Contemporary Problems in Thailand
- Sussman: Singapore's Niche in the New International Division of Informatiom
- Sender and Smith: Marxism and the African Agricultural Crisis
- Clairmonte: The Political Economy of Transnational Power
- Rasiah: Labour Process in the Electronic Industry in Penang
- Magno: Is the Revolution dead?
- Pluvier: The Silence of the South China Sea
- Gregory: How the USA Made the Third World Pay for the Vietnam War
- Bereford: Vietnamese Trade with the Non-Communist World
- Maranan: Constantino: Arming he Liberative Consciousness
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