Power and Opposition in Post-revolutionary Societies

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1979 (1978)
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III World capitalism, capitalist society and the left movements; socialist movements in general | I Strategy for the transition to socialism
Translated by Patrick Camiller and Jon Rothschild
Opening Session
- Rossanda- Power and Opposition in Post-revolutionary Societies
The Oppositions
- Singer- Weaknesses and Potentialities of the Dissident Movement
- Plyushch- "Forward together or Down together"
- Girardet- Function and Political Importance of the Churches in Eastern Europe
- Plyushch- "The Churches: That is not the Whole Story
- Marek- Intellectuals and the Contradictions of "Existing Socialism"
- Pelikan- No More Mistakes Like Dubcek's
- Kavin- Charter 77: The Prelude to a Mass Movement
- Masi- China: The Dialectic of Revolutionary Upsurges and Counter-Revolutionary Waves
- Baluka- Our Strike in Szczecin
The Structures of societies in "Existing Socialism"
- Bettelheim- The Nature of Soviet Society
- Weil- Marx and Lenin Read in the Camps
- Fortini- Terrified Contemplations of Contradisction is nor Enough
The Nature of the State in "Existing Socialism"
- Mészáros- Political Power and Dissent in Post-revolutionary societies
- Cavazzuti- The State and Bureaucratic Classes, East and West
- Giovannini- Class Struggle, East and West
- Karol- How to Change things for Good? What is to be done? With Whom?
- Comin- Liquidate The Heritage of the "Patristic Marxism"
- Villari- Eurocommunism and Marxist, Socialist, and Democratic Currents of Existing Socialism
- Schmiederer- Politics and Economics in Capitalism and in "Actually Existing Socialism"
- Terzian- Psychiatry as an Instrument of Repression
- Usai and Capri- The USSR, past and Present, In Discussions among Workers at Mirafiori
The West European Left and the Political and Social Conflict in the East
- Magri- Real Socialism and Possible Socialism: The Problems of the East European Societies and the European Left
- Trentin- Only Conflictive Democracy Can Guarantee Liberty, East and West
- Franqui- The Soviet Model and "Caudillism"in Cuba
- Crispino- Women, "Real Socialism" and the Autonomy of the Political
- Claudin- Eurocommunism and "the antagonistic societies of a new type"
- Althusser- The crisis of Marxism
- Covolo- Greetings and Solidarity from the Trade Unions of Venice
- Claussen- The Elimination of Private Property and the Emancipation of Man
- Rossanda- To conclude and Continue
Appendices: Three Written Contributions
- Linhart- Western "dissidence" ideology and the protection of bourgeois order
- Lombardo Radice- Socialism in History, History in Socialism
- Pomian- The Party: Truth and Falsehood
Proceedings of the 11-13 nov 77 Il Manifesto Conference in Venice.
Aussi en français: Pouvoir et opposition dans les sociétés post-révolutionnaires
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