Bello, Walden

Fuller Form of Name
Walden Mauricio Bello y Flores
Name Variants
Walden F. Bello; Walden Flores Bello; Walden Mauricio Flores Bello; Walden Mauricio Bello y Flores; Walden Bello y Flores; װאָלדן פֿלאָרעס בעליאָ; Ουόλντεν Μπέλιο; Γουόλντεν Φλόρες Μπέλιο; Ουόλντεν Φλόρες Μπέλιο; Уолден Бeљo; Уолден Флорес Бeљo; Волден Флорес Бeљo; Уолден Флорес Бэльо; Уолден Бэльо; 瓦爾登·貝約; וולדן בליו; ウォールデン・ベロ; والدن بلو; والدن بيلو; வால்டன் பெல்லோ; װאָלדן בעליאָ; Γουόλντεν Μπέλιο; Волден Бeљo
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Book(s) by Bello, Walden

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Title Date of Publication
Anti-Globalization School. Readings Nov. 3-24, 2001
Aquino's Elite Populism: Initial Reflections July 1986
Benigno Aquino: Between Dictatorship and Revolution in the Philippines April 1984
China's New Role in Africa and the South. A search for a new perspective 2008
Contre Temps no 18. Société de l'information. Faut-il avoir peur des médias ? fév. 2007
Critical Decade. Prospects for Democracy in the Philippines in the 1990s 1990
Dark Victory. The United States, Structural Adjustment and Global Poverty 1994
Declaration: Towards People's Security in the Asia Pacific Region 2000
Deglobalization: Ideas for a New World Economy 2004 (2002)
Development Debacle: the World Bank in the Philippines 1982
Dragons in Distress. Asia's Miracle Economies in Crisis 1990
Escuela Altermundialista 2005. Materiales de Lecturas 28 mayo - 18 junio 2005
Europe et Asie combats solidaires. Tome 1: Okinawa (juillet 2000), Séoul (octobre 2000) 2001
Europe-Asia Arms Trade Challenges. ASEM Security Dialogue 1998
Fifty Years Is Enough. The Case Against the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund 1994
El futuro del Foro Social Mundial.  Retos y perspectivas después de Nairobi 2008-01
Global Justice School 2005. Reading Materials 28 May - 18 June 2005
Le PC à l'heure des réévaluations 1992-07-30
Historical Materialism - 8 2011
Low Intensity Warfare. Counterinsurgency, Proinsurgency, and Antiterrorism in the Eighties 1988
Mundo, S.A. Voces contra la globalización 2002
Paradigms Lost.  The Post Cold War Era 1992
People & Power in the Pacific. The Struggle for the Post-Cold War Order 1992
Porto Alegre se mueve. Veinte opiniones sobre el futuro del foro social mundial 2003
Session Tiers Monde. Matériel de lecture. Plans d'exposés 1994
Third World Session. Reading Materials. Outlines of Reports 1994
Transitions to democracy in East and Southeast Asia 1999